Revolutionary New System Gives You the Secret Ammo You Need
to Effortlessly Have ‘The Money Guys’ Begging To Invest In Your Deals

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

Does this sound familiar?

You found a great house to flip.

At first glance, this is one of those classic textbook investment properties. The seller is super-motivated. Repairs can be done in 3 weeks, tops. The numbers are smokin’ hot. The profit is sweet…$17,000 to be exact.

You’re practically jumping out of your pants you’re so excited. But a single, tiny, nagging thought is squashing your excitement like a bug on the sidewalk…

Getting a bank loan is out of the question. Hard money is WAAY too expensive, plus they’ll only lend on 60% of the deal.

And when you approach private lenders or other ‘money guys,’ they don’t know if they can trust you and the ‘numbers’ you came up with.

The fact is—even though YOU know what you’re doing—you come off as ‘unprofessional’…like a newbie or rank amateur.

And because of this, you spend most of your precious time and energy running around frantic like a madman trying to get your deals funded.

You’ve probably even a lost a screaming deal or two because the funds just weren’t there.

And when you do get a private lender on the line or meet face to face, you hear those dreaded words…

It’s totally frustrating.

I know. I’ve been there.

Like you, I can’t tell you how many months I spent pulling my hair out—on the phone, face to face, writing emails, in meetings—trying my damnedest to convince “the money guys”  that they can’t go wrong with the deal, that the flip’s a ‘no brainer,’ that I’m good for the money.

It’s exhausting. It’s painful. It’s even demeaning.

Not to mention depressing.

After months of banging my head against the wall and watching deal after deal slip through my fingers because I couldn’t attract funding, I felt like a failure. I fell into a funk. I was ready to call it quits as a real estate investor.

My old job on Wall Street (which was dog eat dog, by the way) couldn’t hold a candle to what I was going through trying to raise funding…getting doors slammed shut in my face, one after the other… as I searched and begged for money to do deals.

I even asked my buddies back on Wall Street if they’d want to invest with me. It was “No, thanks. That sounds too risky.”

I knew the real estate deals I was finding were solid wholesale, rehab, and fix n’flip properties. I knew the houses were in solid neighborhoods. And I also knew that the markets and neighborhoods I wanted to buy in were solid.

Something was missing from the equation. There was something I wasn’t doing or seeing…either in the way I talked about my deals or presented them to potential investors.

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong…or not doing at all.

I talked to some real estate investorsI knew and asked them. They said they were having the same challenges.

For them, raising capital was also the big sticking point in their business as well. Lots of great deals but no money to scoop them up.

At least I felt a little better knowing that I wasn’t the only one missing out on deals (misery does love company).

What’s weird is that I KNEW there was a TON OF MONEY out there just waiting for opportunity.  I learned while working on Wall Street that there’s way more money than there are great deals out there. ‘The Money Guys’ are always looking for a place to park their cash.

Especially in real estate.

And I found that this was true at all levels…from bigwig commercial projects to multi units to single family houses.

What was I not seeing?

I knew I couldn’t go on like this for much longer. The funding part was the spigot to snapping up houses and creating cash flow and profits…and it was completely shut off.

I needed a way to turn it on…and keep it turned on!

I almost felt foolish for not seeing it all along…especially because it was a critical factor in raising investment money on Wall Street.

I was missing out because… I lacked Credibility!

And the only way to demonstrate credibility was with a complete, professional Presentation Package!

Duh!! How come I didn’t see this sooner?

See, whenever I went into meetings or talked to ‘the money guys’ about investing in my real estate deals, I was kinda shooting from the hip a lot. In my head, I knew what I could buy the house for, the repair costs, taxes, insurance, hold costs, the sell price…you get the picture.

Sometimes I’d have my legal pad with ‘the numbers’ on it. Sometimes I’d have some website printouts or even digitals of the house.

No matter what I did or said, it was never enough to seal the deal.

Even though I had already bought and flipped several houses for a nice profit, it didn’t matter because the lenders couldn’t take me seriously.

Why? Because I was just another ‘shmo’ presenting an investment opportunity. There was NOTHING that made me stand out from all the other shmo’s who were hitting up the money guys.

They needed to see PROOF of Credibility and a professional looking Presentation.

Once this lightning bolt struck, I started asking around if there was any program or software or product that could deliver what I needed to make a kick-butt funding presentation…

…A comprehensive funding proposal that would ‘nail it’ as soon as ‘the money guy’ got it in his hands.

After spending days talking to real estate investors, searching the web, and even hitting up some of the ‘gurus’ in the real estate world, I discovered that there wasn’t anything out there that could do what I needed it to do.

I needed a program that would  practically guarantee that I had the BEST CHANCE of getting my deals funded by a private lender.

I needed a program that would make my life…and your life and the life of other real estate investors…super simple and super easy.

In short, I wanted a program that could…at the click of one button…

  • Give me instant credibility
  • Ooze profession-quality proposals
  • Evaluate the deal
  • Deliver spot-on budgets
  • Provide stellar marketing materials
  • Give accurate repair costs
  • Generate an irresistible killer ‘get me funding’ presentation

Since what I was looking for didn’t even exist, I had to build it myself.

I knew that if I could create a program that seamlessly integrated everything that every rehabber, fix n’flipper, wholesaler, and buy-and-hold investor needed in their business to be successful…

…Especially the ability to attract money for deals…then everyone would turn out a winner.

So here’s what I did.

I immediately got on the phone and interviewed (and grilled) some of the hot-shot ‘money guys’ in my market and in other markets around the country.

Yep. I surveyed the experts…the ones with money to lend.

Some of these private lenders just did single family homes, while others were big guns, known for doing apartments and commercial. I wanted to get the whole gamut of opinions.

I asked them point blank what they needed to see and hear to convince them to work with a real estate investor they’d NEVER EVEN MET BEFORE and Who’d Never bought an investment property.

And what they revealed just blew me away.

I couldn’t take notes fast enough.

I couldn’t believe all the things I missed and didn’t include when I presented my deals to them. I could’ve filled a storage locker!

It was eye-opening, to say the least. Now I knew EXACTLY what I was doing wrong and why it was so hard to get a lender to invest with me.

After speaking with all the private money lenders, I sat down with my notes and made a list of all the key elements you MUST HAVE to practically ensure you get the money you need for your deals.

It’s what I call The “YES” Formula…because ‘Yes’ was the word I wanted to hear on my next appointment with a money guy.

A few weeks later, I had the opportunity to test it out. I met with a private money lender to ask for funds for a property I found.

I did exactly what I learned from all the interviews. I put together a complete package…THE perfect funding package… that every private investor wants to see …and I gave it to him during our meeting.

I could tell he was impressed. And, I felt more confident ever before, knowing that all the crucial pieces of the puzzle (which were sorely lacking for the past year) were included in the presentation…and not just scribbled on some legal pad.

When the meeting was over, we shook hands, and he said he’d call me.

The next day, I got a phone call.

To say I was excited would be an understatement.

Fast forward a couple months…I landed 3 more deals with private lenders.

I repeated this process over and over. I showed the formula to some of my real estate buddies and they gave it a go…and it worked for them, too!

I now had the proof I needed to know the ‘package’ got stellar results.

But…putting these presentations together manually, piece by piece for every single house I was buying, was extremely time consuming.

I wanted to streamline the process.

So I got a team of coders and developers together to create a gangbusters program that literally spits out professional funding proposals, budgets, and marketing materials at the click of a button…

And it’s customized for all sorts of investments: rehabs, wholesale, fix n’ flip, buy and hold, single family, multi’s, apartments.

This software helps you attract the capital you need to skyrocket your business.


It’s called…

This explosive and revolutionary program does it all for you at the click
of a mouse…easily and quickly.

Not only does Rehab Valuator generate a customized diamond-quality investor funding proposal for ANY property you plug into the program, but Rehab Valuator also…

  • Analyzes your deals…so you know your profit and expenses to the penny
  • Calculates what to offer…so you never overpay for a property
  • Customizes deal proposals…so your private lenders can’t resist your deal
  • Instantly cranks out a deal structure for ANY deal…wholesaling, buy n’ hold, fix n’flips, rehabs, more
  • Tailors your reports…for houses, apartments, multi family, new construction, commercial, land development
  • Creates INSTANT Marketing Packages…to sell your deals in seconds
  • Generates specialized property reports…giving you UNDENIABLE credibility
  • Delivers detailed case studies…from soup to nuts so you know all the angles
  • Includes comprehensive video tutorials…so you know EXACTLY what to do

And this is just for starters!

You get everything you need ‘under one roof’ to give you the best shot for securing cash you crave.

Rehab Valuator is in a class all by itself.

“Talk about building instant credibility! I presented two deals to two new Private Lenders that I had never done business with before and gained $600,000 of funding for my deals. These two new deals netted me over $200,000 in profits,,,in just three months. Your support is not like any other I have ever experienced. Daniil, you and your staff are quick to respond to my support requests and resolve any question I may have and I am back to work. For all the Investors out there, I highly recommend this product. GRAB it now before the price goes up, it is worth a lot more than what Daniil is charging.”

Bart Corrie Sr.
Note One Investments, LLC

“Hi Daniil. I just want to tell you that I used Rehab Valuator Premium for private funding for the first time and got $91k to fund my deal.  Your software has made me money with my wholesale deals.  Now it looks like I will make money on rehabs with the software as well.  You are helping a ton of people.  Keep doing what you are doing.”

Tim Rogers
3 Rogers Investment Group

“Love the software. Easy, quick, convenient and gets the job done. AWESOME!!!”

Vito Mikhno
Orlando, Florida

“Daniil, I think you are one of the few people out there that actually over delivers. It’s a great tool at an incredible value, I can’t afford NOT to have it. Major props to you bro and thanks!”

Nick Capra
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Rehab Valuator is incredible Investor/Novice friendly. It allows you to provide a professional flyer/proposal for Savvy Investors. Calculate your exits/profits in an instant. I love it! Makes you look like a PRO!”

Maria Elena Hernandez
Glendale, CA

“Hands down some of the best software I’ve seen.”

Jason Lucchesi
Global Fortune Solutions, LLC

“Awesome software…. Just raised another 200k with it!!”

Akeem Seriki
ABS Worldwide, Inc

The best evaluation software on the market. Bar none! It is far superior to anything else I could have used and allows me to analyze properties with confidence. Couldn’t work without it.”

David Burt
Blue Sky Property Investments

“A few days ago I had a property that a potential investor wanted a rehab analysis. And he wanted it of course yesterday. I went immediately to the Rehab Valuator and was surprised how easy it was to get the results that I must say really impressed my investor.”

JD Hawkins
Foley, Alabama

“I love your software! It takes the numbers that I know — and makes me look like a Wall Street Genius!!”

Jason Bhattacharya
Refine Properties

“Daniil has changed how we run our rehab flip business.  Several months ago we used Rehab Valuator to fund over $5MM in RE! I highly recommend it!” ”

Jeff Coga
Capital RE Development - Holywood, CA

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie, novice, or a seasoned investor…

Rehab Valuator is a must for any real estate investor who needs to attract the cash to do their deals, expand their business, and increase their bank account.

Just plug in your numbers and BOOM! Instant analysis, reports, budgets, expenses, what to offer, sell price, deal terms, ROI, presentations, proposals, flyers, marketing materials.

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from raising hundreds of thousands of dollars with the help of this astounding program.

Isn’t it time you stopped stressing about the money and started acquiring as many properties as you could handle?

Rehab Valuator is loaded with so much fire power you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

What’s more…

Rehab Valuator works For Everyone…even if you’re a complete newbie and have never done a deal!

Pic Report

Point and Click Deal Funding Presentation in Seconds!

  • Get your lender drooling over your deals
  • Instant credibility, authority, and respect is YOURS
  • Makes you look like a pro…even if it’s your first deal!
  • Eye-popping super-quick 1-sheet or full blown presentation…customized to your lender’s needs
  • The specific ‘language’and critical key numbers and figures that grabs your lender by the throat and doesn’t let go

Instant Deal Funding Proposals!

  • Create a Deal-Funding Proposal Instantly and Send to Potential Lenders!
  • Attract private lenders AND banks to your deal
  • Proprietary sales data sets you apart from other investors
  • Comprehensive package the lenders LOVE to see
  • Immediately eliminates the roadblocks to getting the cash you crave to do your deals


Rehab Valuator 3710 Westcliffe Ave (demo1).xls

Wholesaler's Marketing Presentation Package

  • The ULTIMATE tool for selling your deals
  • Complete, comprehensive market analysis for each property you present… for startling impact
  • Get your buyers hungering to snatch up your deals
  • Point and Click package creation on the fly
  • ROI’s plus all the critical numbers on a single page…astonish your buyers

Max Offer Calculator

  • Never overpay for a property… EVER
  • Know your backend profit…instantly
  • No More Guesswork!
  • Work the numbers so they work FOR YOU
  • Know exactly what to offer when buying



Point-And-Click Deal Flyers

  • Shock your buyers with these sizzling ‘marketing magnet’ property 1-sheets
  • Slam-dunk ‘secret sauce’ flyers that your buyers can’t resist
  • Never struggle again to sell your deals
  • Attract investors & buyers like flies to honey
  • ROI and every number they want to see to seal the deal

Syndicate Your Deals to the Web Instantly!

  • Post Your Deals to 280+ Social Media Sites!
  • Sell Your Deals Faster by Creating HUGE Buyer Demand!
  • Get Your Deal Funding Proposals to Your Lenders Quickly and Easily!
  • Use this to Build Your Buyer's List!
  • It's all simple to do! Just Point and Click!


Access on Any Device, From the Field!

  • Cloud-Based Software is accessible on any device!
  • Works on PCs, Macs, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and even Smartphones!
  • Calculate Offers from the field!
  • Create Marking Flyers and Funding Presentations from Anywhere!
  • Use this software in the office or on the go!

Rehab Valuator Video Tutorials

  • Become a ‘deal maker’ in no time flat
  • Easy to digest step-by-step blueprint
  • Go at your own pace
  • Your first class ticket to doing deals like a pro
  • You get it ALL…tools for wholesaling, fix n’flip, buy and hold

Rehab Valuator 3

Real Deal Case Studies!

  • Watch how real deals go down…’real world’ style
  • Avoid the costly mistakes most investors make
  • Boost your confidence by seeing how it’s really done
  • Actual case studies to skyrocket your learning curve
  • Never feel lost…ever again

10 Must-Have Marketing Reports

  • Critical reports geared for 1) Lenders and 2) Buyers
  • Assemble packages in seconds…for ANY clients
  • EVERYTHING your prospect needs
  • Your prospects will LOVE you for these reports
  • Never miss a beat


Without question, Rehab Valuator gives you the confidence you crave to…

  • Approach private lenders
  • Negotiate great terms
  • Go toe to toe with sellers, buyers, and lenders
  • Calculate rock solid offers
  • Impress and shine in any meeting you take
  • Demonstrate your marketing chops like an expert

Just imagine picking up the phone and hearing “Yes” nearly every time you propose an investment opp…getting hundreds of thousands of dollars for your real estate deals.

No hesitation, no hassles, no more “no, thanks.”

What you get now is respect and trust from private lenders who are eager…even hungry…to work with you.

Picture how easy your life will be having Rehab Valuator in your corner…

  • Blow your lenders away with your professional funding proposals and presentations
  • Have the credibility of a seasoned professional even if you’ve never done a deal
  • Never miss out on a deal again because you can’t get financed
  • Have the flexibility to structure your deals in the exact way that appeals to every potential lender
  • Save huge amounts of time by not having to figure this all out for yourself
  • Help you calculate offers in seconds on any deal
  • Make sure you never overpay for a property again!
  • Help you market your deals to wholesale and investor buyers in a way that gets them sold!
  • Help you manage your rehabs AND put together detailed rehab budgets and scope-of-work spreadsheets!
  • Automate your business so you’re free to do what you want

2 Brand New Features Just Added:  Off-Market Deals + Instant Funding!!


Now, you’d think that a software program that did everything just described would cost a fortune.

And to be honest, the investors I approached when I shared Rehab Valuator with them said they’d pay up to $2500 for such a revolutionary and robust program.

Why? Because it’s what they’d been looking for for years. They knew that a software this powerful was going to blast their business into the stratosphere practically overnight.

They recognized immediately that what they had in their hands was literally the lifeblood of a super-successful real estate business.

I’m going to be completely transparent with you.

Rehab Valuator was recently offered to just a few thousand investors in a small, private launch.

See, I wanted to test this program and see if it REALLY had legs to stand on, and if truly worked for ALL LEVELS of investors…from green newbies to seasoned professionals.

The response was overwhelming, to say the least.

And the results were just as astounding.

Rehab Valuator users couldn’t believe how deals were automatically sucked into their pipeline…and how EASY it was to use.

The proposals generated were simply too irresistible for ‘the money guys’ to ignore.

And the impact Rehab Valuator will have on your business is immeasurable!

Look, I want to make this a no-brainer for you.

Because once you get the program and see how all your struggles and frustrations trying to raise capital will vanish—POOF!--you’ll never look back. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

So here’s the deal.

The "Introductory Rate" for our software is super-low because we want to put it into the hands of as many investors as possible while we build out additional features for this already amazing platform!

So for now, you can get your hands on this software for just $29/month or $197/year! Once we reach a certain number of users and add more features, prices will go up.  But not for you, if you lock in your low rate TODAY!

This is your opportunity to take full advantage of this special offer…plus some extras (which I’ll tell you about shortly) that you’ll most likely never see again.

Originally, the price for this invaluable program was going to be $97/month.  Even at this price, it’s a steal, wouldn’t you agree?

Think about it: $97/month for a program that could raise--in just ONE phone call-- $100,000 for you to buy, fix, and flip a house…

And then pocket a modest, let’s say, $8000 in profit!

And that’s just ONE deal! 

Your ONLY limitation with this kind
of ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ system is how fast you
can find great deals for you and your private lenders!

But your price is not $397. It’s not even half that.

For an extremely limited time, your investment for Rehab Valuator (and it is an investment, NOT an expense) is just...$29/month or $197/year (save 43%!)

That’s it.  No catch, no hidden fine print. It’s all yours, out the door. You get INSTANT ACCESS Right Now!

Just $29/Month (Cancel Anytime!)

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  • Lock-In Super-Low Monthly Rate!
  • No Long-Term Committment!
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

$197/Year (Save Over 43%!)

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  • Wipe Out All Monthly Payments and Save 43%!
  • No Long-Term Committment!
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You Also Get:

FREE Unlimited Customer Support

($497 value)

(email and phone support…that’s right,
you get to talk to a LIVE person!)

Lock In Your Rate! (As we release more features, our prices will go up but your low rate will be locked in!)

($1000 Value)

WAIT! There's More...

As promised earlier, when you get Rehab Valuator, you get some very sweet BONUSES:


Bonus #1
Bonus #2
Bonus #3
Bonus #4

To get everything you see, everything just described, you must act now.

To alleviate any ‘weirdness’ about your purchase, I’m going to take on all the risk. Yep.

You get a…100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee so all the risk on on me!


No Risk, 30 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Test drive it. Watch the videos, master the program in just minutes…and generate a Private Money Proposal. Rehearse what you’re going to say, call your private lender, and then put it to the test.

Choose the Plan that Works Best!

Just $29/Month (Cancel Anytime!)

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  • Lock-In Super-Low Monthly Rate!
  • No Long-Term Committment!
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

$197/Year (Save Over 43%!)

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  • Wipe Out All Monthly Payments and Save 43%!
  • No Long-Term Committment!
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Test drive it. Watch the videos, master the program in just minutes…and generate a Private Money Proposal. Rehearse what you’re going to say, call your private lender, and then put it to the test.

Watch what happens. If, at the very least, you feel more confident because you’re now well equipped to take on the big boys, you’ve won!

So click on the Add To Cart button right now and get INSTANT ACCESS to EVERYTHING you see illustrated here…


“If you don’t already own rehab Valuator you are missing out on the single best tool available to wholesalers and fix and flippers. Do not miss it!"

Jim Ingersoll
Carmel Properties Richmond, VA

“I gotta tell ya – This software allowed me to do 12 houses so far.  It really is a must have tool  if you are going to be in this business.  [My investment] turned me into a $58,000 first year wholesaler….Unbelievable.  THANK YOU DANIIL.  DON’T THINK ABOUT WHETHER YOU SHOULD BUY THIS OR NOT….BUY IT!”

Steve Stephens
Spokane, WA

“I have to tell you the software is KICK ASS. Every time I am talking with a seller on the phone I have the REHAB VALUATOR up and running. I punch in a couple of numbers and I know if I have a deal or not all in two seconds. That is just the beginning of what the REHAB VALUATOR does for you. I can put together a very professional looking property analysis that I can email or print and send in my direct mailers. I would tell anyone that is a real estate investor this is a must have tool you need!

Terry Mcgahan
Chicago, IL

“This is a fantastic tool. As new Real Estate Investors we needed to find a tool to simplify all the math. Your Rehab Valuator is perfect for the job. And, you are right in saying the reports we can generate make us look soooo professional. Thanks.”

Margaret McKay
Clearwater, British Colombia

“I have found the rehab valuator a must use in my day to day business to evaluate properties and also to make presentations to investor partners , banks, and buyers and sellers. The best tool for real estate I have ever found.I have looked at a lot to soft ware this blows them all away.”

Joe Capra
Joe Capra Realty Denver, CO

“My completely honest opinion on Rehab Valuator: This is the most professional, easy to use, effective real estate investor software on the market. The price is crazy low. Any other so called “guru” would be charging , $1500-3,000 down with a monthly maintenance fee of $97. I’m just happy I purchased the system before Daniil wakes up and charges what this software is really worth!”

Dozel Varner
Lauderhill, Florida

PS: Warning--this "Introductory Pricing" you're seeing today will be going away soon and prices for this powerful software will be going up.  But you can lock-in your rate TODAY and enjoy future upgrades and enhancements without paying extra!

Truly, there’s absolutely no reason, with my unconditional test drive no questions asked money back guarantee to not take me up on this extremely generous offer…unless you have a burning need to figure it all out on your own.

I’ve already made the mistakes and been down that road (which was mighty painful, as you know)…so why go it alone when you can get the best cash-attracting partner you could ever ask for…Rehab Valuator.

Don’t wait another second. Try it out for 30 days. If you don’t like it, if it’s not for you, I’ll immediately refund your money…guaranteed. Every penny of it.

And as a token of my appreciation for just trying it out, you can keep all 4 bonuses…as my gift to you.

Let $29 put $9700 in your pocket! (over and over and over again!)

PPS: Remember, whether you rehab, wholesale, fix n’flip, or buy and hold…Rehab Valuator gives you everything you need to ensure your credibility, trustworthiness, and respect when raising capital for your deals.

Deal proposals, marketing materials, funding presentations, calculations, and ROI at the click of a mouse. Everything your ‘money guys’ and buyers want…and need…to see.

Just $29/Month (Cancel Anytime!)

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  • Lock-In Super-Low Monthly Rate!
  • No Long-Term Committment!
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

$197/Year (Save Over 43%!)

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  • Wipe Out All Monthly Payments and Save 43%!
  • No Long-Term Committment!
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!